School calendar 2020-2021

We are working to create a virtual experience this year that involves hangouts, live discussions about UFC events, and conversations with upper level black belts. For more information fill out this google form or contact

What To Expect

We gladly welcome anyone who wants to come train with us - Harvard undergrads, grad students, MIT students, or even non-Harvard affiliated grapplers (but talk to us first if you have an outside friend you'd like to bring in!). Beginners are welcome - no experience necessary!


We begin every practice with dynamic warmups to get blood flowing and practice relevant jiu jitsu movements. If you're new to the club, the instructor will be happy to take you aside and assess your experience level (if any) as well as break down any of the warmup movements you're unfamiliar with.

Warmups are followed by learning new techniques. The instructors will demonstrate the techniques and you will break into pairs to drill them. Sometimes this is followed by positional rolling, designed to give everyone the chance to test out the new techniques in a slightly more realistic situation while keeping the rolls focused on the new techniques.

Finally, most classes end with 20-30 minutes of live rolling, which is free sparring in timed rounds. If you are brand new to jiu jitsu, this time is often spent working on more drills or positional rolling.

Ground Rules


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Vice President - Maddy Gavitt

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